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Migration Bureau Corp., established in 2009 and a proud subsidiary of Mohani Legal Services, has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional immigration solutions for over a decade. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to guiding individuals and families through the complex landscape of Canadian immigration, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

At Migration Bureau Corp., we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs, including business and entrepreneur visa applications, permanent residency, work permits, study permits, family reunification, and citizenship. Our team is committed to providing personalized, strategic advice and robust representation to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of Canadian immigration laws, Migration Bureau Corp. stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, advocacy for our clients, and a results-driven approach that consistently delivers successful immigration solutions. Partner with us and take the first step towards realizing your Canadian dream with confidence and clarity.

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We hold ourselves responsible for the socio-economic development of Canada.


To be trusted to help you achieve your goal, weather it may be to visit, study, work or move to Canada permanently. Guided by our values, we will lead the way to deliver economic prosperity, enhance cultural diversity and help towards bright new start for today and tomorrow.

Goals & Objectives

Migration Bureau Corp. is committed to bringing foreign investment to the Canadian market and to enhancing Canada’s socioeconomic sustainability and culture of advancement and diversity through immigration.
Migration Bureau is on an expansion plan and we are looking for associates across the world. We are looking for people who are passionate about helping people settle in Canada. We are in the process of spreading our wings wider and wider. Our desire to be at the top and stay there has fueled our need to reach out to more people.

Seeking Association?

We are looking for people who are passionate about helping people settle in Canada.

Business Philosophy

Dedicating our life to improving the lives of others is very appealing to us. We all share responsibility for making sure that future generations will also be able to enjoy a clean, healthy environment, as well as strong communities that benefit from a vibrant economy. Our strategy addresses CIC’s role in enhancing Canada’s socio-economic sustainability through immigration.

As an accredited and regulated Canadian corporation, we would definitely love to participate and contribute our efforts to allow prospective immigrants have healthy information to make their settlement smoother & easier.
In the past decade, Canada has emerged as a rising star in the international business community, with a growing number of immigrants. And as new immigrants come to study, work, and live in Canada, strong international financial alliances will continue to be formed.

Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit

Jimmy Patel, India

Temporary Resident Visa, Multiple Entry

Mehdi Azadbhakt, Iran

Federal Skilled Worker, Permanent Residence

Siddique Suglatwala, India

Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit

Vaishali Parmar, India

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Soheil Kahkeshani, Canada

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Shiva Helmi, Iran

Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit

Sana Sheikhi, Iran

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Kiran Rahat, Canada

Temporary Resident Visa, Study Permit

Erfan Karimi, Iran

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Muhammad Sajid, Pakistan

Temporary Resident Visa, Multiple Entry

Ahmad Saeid, Iran

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Arash Farahani, Canada

Family Sponsorship, Permanent Residence

Monireh Aghbolagh, Iran

Special Pathways Quick Comparision

Numerous Canadian provinces welcome entrepreneurs to invest and establish a business. Each province has their own criteria and processing methods to attract qualified individuals, thus nominating them for permanent resident status along with their family and dependent children below 22.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program - Rural Entrepreneur
  • 3 years Minimum Experience
  • CLB 4 Language Score
  • 21 to 49 age preferred
  • $300K Minimum Networth
Minimum Investment (Rural Community)
Nova Scotia Nominee Program - Entrepreneur Stream
  • 3 years Minimum Experience
  • CLB 5 Language Score
  • 21 Minimum Age, No Maximum
  • $400K Minimum Networth
Minimum Investment (Outside Halifax)
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program - Regional Entrepreneur
  • 3 years Minimum Experience
  • CLB 4 Language Score
  • 105 points out of 200
  • $300K Minimum Networth
Minimum Investment (Regional Stream)

MBC Locations

Headoffice in Canada

Head Office

Hamilton, Ontario

Our headoffice is located in Hamilton, which is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and thriving economy, is an ideal city for newcomers. Our strategic location in Hamilton allows us to serve a diverse and dynamic community, providing accessible and expert immigration assistance to individuals and families from all walks of life.

Hamilton with a blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, including the scenic waterfront and numerous parks, Hamilton offers a high quality of life. The city’s strong job market, renowned educational institutions, and welcoming community make it an attractive destination for immigrants seeking new opportunities and a fresh start in Canada.

Regional office in UAE

Regional Office


Our regional office is located in Dubai, thus extending our exceptional immigration services globally. This strategic location enables us to cater to a diverse and ambitious clientele from the Middle East, offering expert guidance and comprehensive solutions to individuals and families aspiring to move to Canada.

Our clients in the middle east benefit from our deep understanding of both Canadian immigration law and the regional context. This dual expertise allows us to offer tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. With over a decade of experience and a proven track record, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, helping you achieve your Canadian dreams with confidence and clarity.

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