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Do I become a Canadian citizen when I marry a Canadian?
No. Marriage to a Canadian citizen does not give you citizenship.
What is dual citizenship?
Every country decides whom it considers to be a citizen. If more than one country recognizes you as a citizen, you have dual citizenship.
Can I count any time I’ve spent outside of Canada toward the physical presence requirement when applying for citizenship?
Time spent outside Canada does not count towards the physical presence requirement except in certain circumstances.
What does “adequate knowledge” of English or French mean when applying for citizenship?
The Citizenship Act requires that new citizens have “an adequate knowledge of one of the official languages of Cana
What language level do I need when I apply for citizenship?
If you are between the ages of 14 and 64 on the date you sign your application, you must meet the Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 4 (CLB 4) or higher in s
Can the government-funded language program I took be used as proof I meet the citizenship language requirement?
Yes. You may submit a certificate from a federally-funded 
What is a non-routine citizenship application?
Your application may be considered non-routine if:
I am a citizen of another country. Will I lose that citizenship if I become a Canadian?
Perhaps. Under Canadian law, a Canadian can be a citizen of another country as well. Some countries, however, will not let you keep their citizenship if you become a Canadian citizen. The consulate or...
Can I leave Canada after I mail my citizenship application?
Yes. There is not a requirement to stay in Canada while we process your application. Please also note that if you applied on or after June 11, 20
What if I cannot attend my appointment with CIC? Can I reschedule it?
Yes. If you are not available on the date and time of your appointment, reply to the local office that sent you the invitation with your reason why yo
What can I do if my citizenship application is refused?
You can apply for Canadian citizenship again. This new application must include all the required forms and documents, including a new application fee. There is no waiting period before you can reapply...